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Интересные и редкие ретро-фотографии

General Pinochet saluting Salvador Allende, 1970s

Congress of Freaks: The Photographs of Edward J. Kelty

Soldiers improvising a tire change, WWII

Cousins Tsar Nicholas II and King George V in their last photo together in 1916

The look of defeat: Cocktail waitress race in New York City (1967).

WW1 German U-Boat washes ashore in Britain

Food Truck, 1919. A Model T sandwich-vending machine.

Communist Leader Boris Yeltsin astonished at the selection of goods in an Capitalist American Supermarket, Clear Lake, Texas 1989

Muhammad Ali sitting on a Million Dollars (1963)

Fidel Castro giving an interview in a car,1964

Linda & Paul McCartney with David Gilmour at a Led Zepplin concert. Summer 1976.

A real steam punk NYC Fire Department fire engine at 12th Avenue and 56th Street.

Battleship USS Oklahoma (BB-37) salvage. Aerial view toward shore with ship in 90-degree position. March 19, 1943.

Ещё много ретрофото и историй на форуме!

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