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Through time and space with Clive Limpkin

Clive Limpkin

French cycle race, 1989

13 year old boy soldier

Albanian asylum seekers, 1975

Bankers Trust Building, New York, 1973

Bobby Charlton, 1973

Bullfight, 1981

Confetti clean up, England, 1971

Fashion photogragers, 1985

George Brown with Barbra Streisand, 1966

Girl skater, Ulster, 1971

Guest appearance, England, 1971

London parking warden, 1970

Margaret Thatcher, 1983

Mother Teresa’s homecoming, 1990

Muhammad Ali, 1968

Music for tomatoes, 1979

Osmondmania fans, 1972

Ossie Clark fashion show, 1967

President Idi Amin, Kampala, 1975

Princess Diana effect, 1993

Riot, Derry, 1969

Rubber bullets fired in Ulster, 1969

Sleeping Mourner at Nasser’s Funeral, 1970

St.Laurent goes topless, 1987

The Battle of Bogside, 1973

The Louvre, 1980

Tony Greig, 1976

Ulster petrol bomber, 1969

Vietnamese boat people, 1978

Wimbledon, 1978

Yawning bridesmaid, 1967

Yuri Vlasov breaks weightlifting record, 1969

Zissou in the garden, 1975

Princess Anne’s wedding, 1973

Искусство и художественная фотография. Большая коллекция разных стилей и авторов!

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