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Послевоенная Европа photos by Bill Perlmutter

Watching the Sea, Portugal, 1956

50-е годы прошлого века на фотографиях американца Билла Перлматтера, который на протяжении двух лет, проведенных им в качестве командированного армейского корреспондента, снимал сцены уличной жизни послевоенной Европы.

Street Musicians, Paris, 1955

Man With Dark Glasses, Italy, 1956

Nitrato do Chile, Portugal, 1956

Boy With Toe in the Sand, Portugal, 1956

Schoolgirls in the Train Station, Germany, 1956

Open Wide, Germany, 1955

G.I. Cigarettes, Germany, 1955

Grandmother and Child, Spain, 1956

Three Boys Under an Umbrella, Rome, 1956

Old Couple in the park, Paris, 1955

Women and Wagon, Spain, 1956

Woman in Doorway, Spain, 1956

Four Men and a Painting, Italy, 1956

Boy on the Beach, Portugal, 1956

School Boys, Italy, 1956

Four Gypsy Children, Spain, 1956

Father and Two Children, Germany, 1955

Front Side and Rear, Spain, 1956

Dancing on the Beach, Portugal, 1956

Along the Banks of the Main, Germany, 1955

Umbrella Boy, Italy, 1956

A Kiss on the Hand, Paris, 1956

Father and Son on a Bench, Spain, 1956

Praying Priest in Front of Saint Peters, Rome, 1956

Naughty Dog, Germany, 1956

Under the Eiffel Tower, Paris, 1955

Pigeon Fright, Venice, 1956

Old Couple, Germany, 1956

Carriage and Broom, Germany, 1955

Waiting for the Weather to Clear, Portugal, 1956

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