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Поздний USSR

Moscow. 1981.

Георгий Пинхасов – советский фотограф французского происхождения. Единственный советский и российский фотограф, который был принят и состоит в легендарном фотографическом агентстве Magnum.

USSR. Armenia. 1989.
Leninakan. In the town devastated by an earthquake, a train supplies water and sanitary commodities.

Moscow. The Kazan train station. 1991.

Gobi desert.

Moscow. 1991.

Russia. Moscow. 1981.
An attempted murder attack. The agressor carrying a stonemason's pike plunges it into his victims stomach.

SOVIET UNION. Russia. Moscow. At the race course. 1983.

Moscow. 1981.

SOVIET UNION. Russia. Moscow. 1981.

GEORGIA. Tbilissi. 1982.

Russia. Moscow. Delivery at Elyseev store. The meat is going to be stocked in the cellar (the trapdoor opened). 1981.

Russia. Moscow. Firework display. 1983.

SOVIET UNION. Russia. Moscow. Gorki Park. Anniversary of the Allied victory over Germany in World War Two. May 9th, 1981.

SOVIET UNION. Russia. Moscow. A drunk in the stairwell of a building to escape the militia. Soviet law banned beggars. 1981.

RUSSIA. Zagorsk near Moscow. A member of the so called "lost generation", group of new religious believers. 1981.

GEORGIA. Tbilissi. Sick grandmother. 1981.

Russia. Moscow. Exhibition hall of the Manege near the Kremlin. 1981.

USSR. Russia. Moscow. In a park, in the Ismaïlovski neighbourhood, the elder meet to play cards

SOVIET UNION. Russia. Moscow. Anniversary of the Allied victory over Germany in World War Two. Celebration seen from the Hotel Metropole's restaurant. May 9th, 1981.

Moscow. 1980.

GEORGIA. Tbilissi. Cemetery. 1981.

GEORGIA. Tbilissi. 1981.

Russia. Leningrad. 1984.

GEORGIA. Tbilissi. 1982.

USSR. Russia. Moscow. The "Arbat" cabaret. 1990.

USSR. Russia. Moscow. The "Arbat" cabaret. 1990.

USSR. Russia. Moscow. Police intervenes to solve neighbourhood problems. 1990.

Russia. Moscow. 1980.

USSR. Russia. Moscow. In the morgue, the body of Nobel Prize winner Andrei SAKHAROV was given an autopsy and embalming before the state ceremonies and funeral

USSR. Moscow. Funeral of Andreï SAKHAROV.

RUSSIA. Moscow. 1981.

Gueorgui Pinkhassov
FRANCE. Paris. January 1987. Mstislav L. ROSTROPOVITCH playing at Andrei TARKOVSKY's funeral. Rue Daru. St. Alexander Nevski Russian Orthodox Church.

Режиссер Андрей Тарковский.

Смотрите первые две части!

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