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Подборка ретро фото от камрада

Оригинал взят у shattenbereich в past perfect

Delegates gather for an anti-nuclear weapons conference in Hiroshima, Japan, a decade after the first A-bomb was dropped on the city, 1955

A baby alligator appears to read a sign while taking a last look around the Bronx Zoo before being shipped to his new home at the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem by Al Robbins, 1954

A brick kiln at Pacific Clay Products in Corona, California, maintains a temperature of 1800 degrees Fahrenheit, 1966

A preview of a little bit of everything scheduled to be shown at the Long Island Fair and 1960 Science Industry Exposition scheduled for next October at Westbury, Long Island, 1960

A seal puts on a show by balancing a doll before young viewers at a performance of the Krone Circus in Aachen, Germany, 1961

A window cleaner at the Squires Hotel has a bird's-eye view of hot dog-munching contestants in the International Beauty Pageant by George Miller, 1964

Amelia Earhart's airplane, the Flying Laboratory, shown over the Golden Gate Bridge after taking off from Oakland, California, at the start of her round-the-world flight, 1937

An American Airlines DC-6 appears to land in the middle of Times Square, in a photocollaged April Fool's Day image, 1949

An anti-Castro demonstrator vents his anger on a dummy of the Cuban premier during a demonstration by Len Morgan, 1960

At the annual meeting of the American Telephone & Telegraph Company, two employees examine a possible telephone of the future, 1960

At West Berlin's Industrial Fair a US Information Service exhibit permits Berliners to try out magic hands, a device for handling radioactive materials that is so delicate that it can be used to pin a diaper on a doll, 1954

Contestant Dona D'Ette Pulley gets a reaction from judge Patsy Allen during a baby beauty contest at the Eastern Star Baby Festival in Dallas, Texas, 1962

Dr. Kurt M. Duboski, from Norwalk Hospital, obtains a sample of breath from Harry Stevenson, a student volunteer who has just consumed 9 oz. of 100 proof whiskey by Jack Layer, 1953

Dr. Michael DeBakey successfully inserts an artificial heart during five hours of surgery at the Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas, 1966

Entrants for the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant pose for the press while one of their number, Miss New Zealand, faints under the hot sun of Long Beach, California, Perry Griffith, 1954

Herbert, the Walrus, with her keeper, Chappie Solanto, is the most popular creature at the Bronx Zoo by Jack Layer, 1952

In a Boston, Massachusetts, early morning fire, a fireman rescues a student who appears to be maintaining her proper dignity despite the circumstances, 1963

In a Spirit of the Four Winds ceremony in Los Angeles, native Americans, including Princess Wyhnemah and Chief Thunderbird, helped to christen TWA's newest LA-NYC airliner, the Navajo Thunderbird, 1936

Journal-American reporter Sid Livingston and NYC officials view an Astoria vacant lot overrun with marijuana plants that have been scheduled for spraying with insecticide, Vincent Lopez, 1951

Members of the Harlem Globetrotters basketball team and their party have an audience with His Holiness, Pope Pius XII, at the Vatican in Rome, 1952

Model Jean Shore displays the interior pockets lining a survival jacket, designed to contain every possible item that may be required for urban survival after an atomic bomb blast, 1950

Student Belle Israel participates in a session to train people to transcribe books into braille held at Wantagh High School in conjunction with the Industrial Home for the Blind, 1956

Take Me To Your Leader!, Al Robbins, 1958

Taking a break from soliciting support for the Arthritis and Rheumatism Foundation, Koko the poodle pauses for a cigarette, Maurey Garber, 1952

The flag of the British Fascist Party was ordered to be removed from outside the party's headquarters in London, 1933

The Helixometer is used to examine the interior of a suspected weapon in the technical laboratories of the FBI, 1940

The revival of backgammon leads members of the Miramar Club in Santa Monica, California, to invent a beachside version of the game, 1930

Three young spectators watch an acrobat perform high above them in the Shrine Circus, 1961

To be displayed on the TV program You Asked for It, a million dollars in small bills is shown with model Roxanne Stevens and a phalanx of armed guards, 1955

Two amphicars participate in the Water Regatta on the Hudson River, 1965

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