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Старые фотографии.

1,2,3-"Autonomous Oblast Karachay near Mikojan (today's Karatschajewsk). Photographer В. Пятов (V. Pjatov), 1920s
4-Scan of a glass negative, 1920s.Photographer: A. Raisch.
5-There is a handwritten caption on the backside: "Carneval in Russland".
6-Unidentified german amateur photographer, ca. 1910.
7-Scan from a glass negative, 1920s.Photographer: A. Raisch.
8-From a German Student's album. Ca. 1910.
9-The Mangyan (a generic name for eight indigenous groups) live in the mountainous region of Mindoro island.
Scan from a negative, probably between 1910 and 1915.
10-Kraal in Drakensberg in the vicinity of Durban, South Africa.1920/30s?. Unidentified Photographer.
11-The name "W. Siemer" is written on the reverse. Probably the photographer.

Tags: #история, #подборка фото
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