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Британские женщины во время Первой мировой войны.

Mine net workers wiring the floats together

W.R.N.S. instructor at respirator and mask drill for military recruits

British woman winding cotton from spools on to rollers at lace factory in Nottingham

British women working in lace factory in Nottingham

British women working in tannery in Nottingham

British women in Nottingham tannery drawing skins from the lime pit

British women cleaning locomotive in Midlands

British women moulding and finishing stoneware taps at terra cotta works in Leicestershire

Women railway workers painting and decorating

Railway workers unloading goods from train

W.R.N.S. fitting a mine

Women testing a mine with air presssure

Railway worker pulling signal box levers

Window cleaners

Girl operating stitching machine in Leicestershire boot factory

Tags: женщины, первая мировая
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